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Introducing our new Financial Vulnerability Check ('V-Check')

At beBettor we are constantly innovating our technology, empowering you to give customers the best experience possible, whilst keeping them safe from harm. Today is no different, and we are excited to tell you about our new Financial Vulnerability Check (or “V-Check” for short).

What is a 'V-Check'?

One of the key risks the UKGC set out in their latest Customer Interaction Consultation Update was ‘Financial Vulnerability’. Our new V-Check, is a lighter check designed to take place earlier in the customer journey that can flag potentially financially vulnerable customers sooner, so you can keep them safe.

The V-Check is built on our flagship Affordability Algorithm that uses customer and Open Government Data (OGD) to instantly assess the financial vulnerability and affordability of any UK resident. The V-Check screens for insolvency, low income social housing and relative income risk.


Relative Income Risk

Low Income Social Housing

Detailed Financial Vulnerability Report data is called via the beBettor API and comprises of the data points or record entries that support any of the above three Financial Vulnerability flags. Use V-Check and the report data to help manage this new key risk being prioritised by the UKGC.

V-Check is


Seamless and non-invasive experience for the customer.


Save countless hours of manual work when combining the tool with automation.


Deliver market-leading experiences that benefit the bottom line with automated interactions tailored to every customer.

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Who we are

We’re an independent UK technology and data science company, focused exclusively on the responsible gaming sector. Our flagship product is our Affordability Algorithm, that uses customer and Open Government Data (OGD) to instantly assess the Financial Vulnerability and Affordability of any UK resident. The results are returned in real-time via the beBettor API (application). which can be implemented anywhere in your current platform(s) and workflows to unlock powerful automations that will save you both time and money. The process is completely frictionless, helping UK licensed gambling operators combat problem gambling, meet evolving standards of regulatory compliance and continue to deliver outstanding customer experiences.

How it works

We're backed by industry experts

Clive Hawkswood
beBettor Director

Ex-Chief Executive of the Remote Gambling Association, now the BGC

Jesper Kärbrink
beBettor Investor 

Chairman of Green Jade Games and Ex-CEO at Mr Green

Mark Blandford
beBettor Investor

Founder at Sportingbet

Our clients

Just some of our clients who are enjoying the most frictionless and fastest affordability check in the industry. We can carry out a proof of concept with your own player data within 24 hours.

"Working with beBettor enables us to focus our staff resources more efficiently. We’re now proactive with our customers instead of waiting for something to go wrong. Our aftercare needs have been massively reduced and beBettor has been core to that."

Ian Tannock
Head of Player Protection

"beBettor were able to provide a proof of concept using our own data within 24 hours, and were the most cost effective solution we looked at. Customer safety and satisfaction have always been at the heart of what Spreadex do, so we’re excited to use the frictionless beBettor affordability check."
Allan Morley
Chief Data Officer

"Working with beBettor has helped bring an automated flow to the business where we are able to interact and understand the customer sooner in their journey. Our resources are now better utilised, both from an AML and RG perspective, with automated actions and workflows taking the place of previous manual work."

Natalie Carter
Head of Regulatory Compliance

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